"I have been with IIC since 2003 until present.  The employees have always treated me nicely and with respect.  Being with them as long as I have I know they treat you right."  

By Frank G . in Lubbock    September 1st, 2017

"I would like to thank IIC personnel, especially Mona, Rob and Jason for their customer service throughout all these years I have been a customer.  I appreciated in everything they do for me.  They are very professional at their best to all.  Thank you and please accept my gratitude towards your IIC staff for their excellent services."

 By Theresa C. in Lubbock     September 5th, 2017

"Everyone has been great and friendly.  Meets all my needs.  Love doing business with every one here.  Thanks a lot."  By Clyde H. in Amarillo     October 4th, 2017   

"I been knowing Mr. Ken, I love them at this place.  I hope that they never leave.  Everyone is so nice here.  This helps people like me."  By Helen Kay O. in Amarillo    October 4th, 2017  

"Been doing business with IIC and Castle for 40 years.  They have always worked with me on loans and any furniture I needed"  By Felipe J. in Amarillo   October 12th, 2017

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